"A Revolutionary way to treat TFCC tears"

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Humza Qazi

the wrist widget has aided me to recovery for my TFCC injury. I am so happy, thank you ever so much...

Kristy Smith- Professional Golfer

Kristie Lynn Smith is an Australian professional golfer who plays on the Futures Tour and the Ladies European Tour


"For the first time in months I completely forgot about my wrist!"

Tyler Michael Rojas Filliben

..dealt with wrist injuries for years, finding the Wrist Widget has been monumental for my career... 

Francesca Tomas - Professional Bowler

..action photos of me bowling with the WW. I can't live without it.   So once again, thank you :)..

Burt Wilkinson Micronesia

I'm very glad that you consider my TFCC injury can heal easily with the WristWidget!!..

Dylan Goodwin

I wanted to thank you so much for sending the two WristWidgets, they arrived perfectly in time before my journey to arizona...

Renee Chuljian

Can't believe the color match! Cassie was thrilled!Oh, and we won the match tonight!

JPdestro WristWidget Review

Como sanarte de lesiones rapido? Review y sorteo Wrist Widget

Rock Climber in Colorado

"I purchased a wrist widget from you about 4 months ago for my daughter, who was thought to have a TFCC tear from a rock climbing injury. ( An MRI showed that she didn't have a full TFCC, rather a TFCC strain and ECU partial tear). She was supposed to stop climbing for 4 months. She went back to climbing after 1 month of therapy, faithfully wearing the brace. She says if she climbs without it she can feel that her wrist is less stable. She made it to finals at the Regional level and is waiting to see if she qualified for nationals. Thanks, this brace is perfect for the sport."